Fudge Stocklist

We currently have the following flavours of fudge in stock (pictures underneath)

After 8 (Gluten free)

Alabama strawberry (Gluten free)

Bubblegum (Gluten free)

Butterscotch (Gluten free)

Candy floss (Gluten free)

Chocolate baileys (Gluten free)

Clotted cream (Gluten free) -  out of stock

Chocolate & caramel (Gluten free)

Chocolate & mint (Gluten free)

Coconut ice (Gluten free)

Dairy free vanilla (Gluten free)

Gingerbread latte 

Jelly trifle (Gluten free)

Mango & passionfruit (Gluten free)

Oreo cookie

Rum & raisin (Gluten free)

Salted caramel (Gluten free)

Vanilla Smartie (Gluten free)

White chocolate and cranberry (Gluten free)


Please contact us if you would to suggest or pre order other flavours.

Please note: we do not have all of the pictured flavours in stock. Stocked flavours are listed above.