Pick 'n' mix stocklist

VEG = vegetarian, GF = gluten free, V = vegan DF = dairy free
Gummy & jelly type sweets:
Giant dolphins GF & DF
Blue raspberry dolphins GF & DF 
Teddy bears GF & DF (out of stock)
Cola bottles GF 
Jelly babies DF (out of stock)
Love hearts DF
Yellow bellies DF (out of stock)
Fruit jellies VEG & DF
Jelly bones GF & DF
Pink mushrooms DF
Jelly spogs DF
Friendship rings DF 
Tongue Painters V & DF (out of stock)
Multicoloured flowers GF & DF 
Dentures (out of stock)
Red twist kisses GF & DF 
Fab mix GF 
Meerkats V 
Foam & other soft sweets:
Shrimps DF 
Bananas DF
Dolly mix DF
Jelly beans DF
Pink & white hearts DF
Strawberry milkshakes DF (out of stock)
Strawberry pencils (out of stock)
Marshmallows (out of stock)
Bubblegum mushrooms DF
Milk teeth 
Milk bottles (out of stock)
Flying saucers VEG & DF 
Crunchy sweets:
Love hearts VEG & DF (out of stock)
Candy Necklaces VEG & DF (out of stock)
Candy watches VEG & DF (out of stock)
ABC letters DF (out of stock)
Chewy sweets:
Fruit chews (out of stock)
Bubblegum bon bons DF (out of sfock)
Assorted toffees (dairy, rum, liquorice, & treacle)
Strawberry bon bons 
White toffee bon bons
Wine gums V, GF & DF 
Blue raspberry bon bons (out of stock)
Blackjacks VEG (out of stock)
Fruit salads VEG (out of stock)
Multicolour bricks DF
Giant Strawberries
Moam stix (out of stock)
Refresher bars VEG
White jazzies VEG
Milk choc jazzies VEG
Milk chocolate drops (out of stock)
Milk chocolate beans VEG
Milk chocolate tools (out of stock)
White mice VEG
Honeycomb toffee (chocolate covered) GF (out of stock)
Pink pigs
Orange peel covered milk chocolate (out of stock)
Dark chocolate raisins (out of stock)
Dark chocolate honeycomb bites
Strawberry & cream flavour skulls (out of stock)
Strawberry & cream flavour spinning tops
Milk chocolate toffee honeycomb bites
Milk chocolate banana chips
Chocolate covered bananas (out of stock)
Milk chocolate nibbles (out of stock)
Hard boiled sweets:
Pineapple cubes 
Chocolate limes (boiled) (out of stock)
Rhubarb and custard (boiled) DF
Mint humbugs (boiled)
Kola cubes (out of stock)
Pear drops (out of stock)
Sherbet lemons (boiled)
Mint imperials 
Banana & custard drops
Fizzy & sour sweets: 
Fizzy watermelons GF & DF
Blue/pink bottles GF & DF
Sour flowers GF & DF
Sour dummies GF & DF
Fizzy carrots V & GF
Pina colada fizzies V & GF
Fizzy cola bottles REG, VE, V & GF
Fizzy bottles V & GF
Fizzy neon rings V & GF (out of stock)
Fizzy snakes GF & DF (out of stock)
Sour dummies DF & V
Fizzy mix DF & GF & V
Snowflakes V & GF
Strawberry hearts V & GF (out of stock)
FIzzy elderflower V & GF
Fizzy cones V & GF
Fizzy stars V & GF
Fizzy bears V & GF
Fizzy neon bears V & GF
Fizzy blue bottles V & GF (out of stock)
Fizzy junipers V & GF
Fizzy neon rings V & GF
Sour cherries GF
Sour peach slices (out of stock)
Multicoloured sour bottles GF & DF
Multicoloured sour lips GF & DF (out of stock)
Cherry cola bottles GF & DF
Sour strawberry rings GF & DF (,out of stock)
Fizzy mix GF
Raspberry rocketz
Jumbo fizzy cherry cola bottles GF & DF
Sour twin cherries V
Liquorice pencils (out of stock)
Liquorice wheels DF (out of stock)
Liqourice allsorts DF
Black & white mints (liquorice)
Liquorice torpedos